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Does Your Life Suck?'s Journal

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8th October 2006

abc_dating12:39pm: Daniel
Honestly, I don't think I learn from experiences. I just keep going back for more disappointment.
Daniel was from the city, and one thing I know about city guys is that they're self-absorbed, city-loving assholes. I still wanted to give him a chance because he seemed like a nice guy.
We had a pretty awesome date actually. He came to pick me up, we went to this really nice restaurant, had a few drinks and really nice conversation. He was smart and cute in that nerdy way. He wasn't too forward but not too shy. After dinner we went for a little walk and then we went to shoot pool. It was very flirty and he would try to teach me and distract me at the same time. After the third game, he drove me home and walked me to my door.
At the door he came in for a good night kiss and I accepted because he was a great date and I got a good vibe from him. Our kiss lasted for a good half an hour. It was kind of exciting because my neighbors would walk by and we would sort of stop and laugh. He kept saying he should go but kept holding on to me. Then he led me to his car again and drove into my parking garage and told me he had to tell me something.
As soon as we got to a parking spot, we started making out and lost some of our clothes. Then the red light in my head came on and I heard myself saying in my head, "This is the first date! stop!". So he asked if he should call tomorrow and I said yes.
1 day goes by.
2 days go by.
3 days go by.
Finally, I texted him and asked what's goin on. He said he was sick... a cold... that he probably got from me. haha. oops.
So I call him to ask him if he was okay and just to chat and he says when he gets better we'll hang out. But I got this feeling that he wouldn't call again. And he never did.
Am I skipping a beat here? I don't get it...
Current Mood: confused
kicya3:28pm: what will be then?
what the difference between real me & that me whom I wanna be?
i always wanted to find out...
im trying "... to be a better man..." but HOW to make myself try to be better every single minute.. i wonder

no, I love myself (do i?) ... but sometimes I don't like the way im & the way i act
how to learn to be better person at such moments?
Current Mood: disappointed

7th October 2006

abc_dating7:47pm: Benjamin
Ok, so I'm 24. I've tried dating younger guys and guys my age and felt that they were a bit immature... so this time I tried older.
In hindsight, I may have gone a little too far ahead on the age scale... ok it's not as bad as it sounds.
So I agree to have this 32 year old guy pick me up for a date.

I feel almost bad saying this, but when I got into the car, my first thought was, "He looks older than I remember..." Still, I shook that thought out of my head and went to the sports bar I picked out.
We had an okay talk during dinner... but he looked like he was straining to stay with the conversation and so was I. It was a sad date because we were both trying to be nice even though we knew this wasn't it. I kept trying to keep my eyes from wandering around the bar cuz I caught myself doing that a few times and I must've looked very bored too. Oy...

Well needless to say, I gave him a hug and told him I had a lovely time and neither of us ever called each other again.

Lesson learned: older fun guys = good, older boring guys = bad.
Current Mood: sympathetic

5th October 2006

abc_dating11:06pm: Victor
Warning: this entry is boring. There is one point I need to make about this guy, which will come up during our conversation at lunch.

We decide to meet at the parking lot of the movie theater near me. There's about 3 hours before our movie starts and he already bought the tickets (because I was late). So we find a Friday's nearby and go there for lunch.

After the first few topics about where we grew up, our jobs, schools, etc. somehow we end up on the subject of money. This is not my favorite subject to talk about. (Does ANYONE favor this subject?) So while I'm trying to steer to a different subject, he proceeds to continue talking about how he doesn't make as much as he wants to, what he pays for around the house, how his mother takes all the money he has, blah blah blah.

I don't even remember what movie we saw but it was alright I guess. Gave me a friendly hug and went home. The strange thing was though how he asked what else I might have wanted to do after the movie and I declined because I had somewhere else to be. When I got home and we talked online later, he gave me the vibe that he never wanted to talk again. Whatever dude, your topics of conversation sucked.
Current Mood: bored

3rd October 2006

abc_dating1:27am: Andre
Note: I can't really go in the order of the dates because I can't remember who was who and when we met.

This guy drove the furthest to go on a date. I'll give him props for that. And by far I mean 2 hours of driving. That should've been the red flag but I thought it was sweet of him at the time.

Ok so let me point out that he was a great conversationalist. But I had this feeling that we may be better as friends rather than as a couple.
I would also like to point out that I'm not one of those girls who always wants the guy to pay. I'm all for the equality amongst sexes. However boys, if you're taking a girl out on a first date, do the right thing. You know what I mean.

So we first started at a cafe since we were too early for the movie we wanted to see. We had great conversation and yummy cappucino. He offered to pay which was very nice of him.

After coffee, I drove us to the movie theater. As we were standing in line, he goes up to the register and says, "one ticket for ..."?! Ummm.... what? I'm thinking, "Did he just say one ticket??" "ok...."
As bewildered I was, I went up to the ticket booth and also asked for one ticket.
The movie was alright.. and I tried my hardest to forget about the "incident".

So we decide that we want to go eat and after some undecisiveness we decide to eat Japanese for dinner. Can you take a guess at what happened at dinner? Yes, I paid for myself. And I'm not going to make a big deal. I expected this to happen. Just to test it out I offered and he accepted. (Trust me this is not the worst part)

Yes, there's more. We get back to my apartment and he asked if he could come inside and hang out and talk some more and I just couldn't make up a lie. So he came in and I was getting a headache from all the talking (only if it's bad conversation do I get a headache). At this point, making moves on me isn't probably the wisest thing to do. Of course he proceeds to do that but not before asking "Is this okay?". I mean, who asks that? Ok maybe it's just me, but that was the last straw. I like guys with some confidence and obviously he did not have any. I could tell from his nervous laugh, shaking hands, and sweaty hands (ugh). So while he's in the bathroom I make a quick call to my girlfriend so she could come over and told him that she's coming to sleep over so alas, he must leave.
Walked him to his car (because I'm still trying to be nice) and had to move when he came in for a kiss and gave him a hug instead.
Goodbye Andre, hope you had a nice drive home.

After thoughts: So Andre IMs me the next day and asked when he could come over again. My answer was, "I'm sort of busy and have a full schedule for the next few weekends so I don't know". So when he asked, "Is it the distance?" I jumped and said yes. Man was he mad. But at least he didn't start stalking me. *whew*
Current Mood: nervous

2nd October 2006

abc_dating9:43am: Zachary
How funny is that the first guy I went out with had a name that started with a 'Z'? I'm dating backwards through the alphabet. haha.

So we decide to meet near my place since he's supposedly a gentleman.
Right after work, I drive over to the restaurant he picked out. It was a pretty nice place, good food, etc. He even called right before the date to ask me what kind of wine I want since it was a BYOB place. Here I am thinking, "Wow what a nice guy, he seems very thoughtful and I like that".

First 20 minutes of dinner is pretty much finding out basic information about each other. You know, where we grew up, what we do for a living, where we hang out... and then I swear to you the conversation slowed down to zilch. He had nothing to talk about and I'm working hard to initiate some sort of interesting conversation. He sort of just sat there, staring, smiling, pouring me more wine. I'm getting a headache from being so bored. And of course, he had already ordered dessert.
After a painfully boring dinner and dessert, I'm thinking, "Thank god it's over. Now I can go home and forget this whole thing".

Little did I know that he had more in mind. He asked, "We should go get some drinks. I think there's a bar around here". I'm trying to think of excuses but I can't for some odd reason (I really couldn't be cliche and tell him I had to wash my hair). So we end up at this bar down the street where he drove us. He keeps wanting me to do shots of tequila and I keep saying no thanks. He tells me he likes my outfit and touches my arm. I tell him it's time to go.

He drives me back to my car and what does he do? Start taking pictures?! I don't get it... who does shit like that??? I try to leave the car and what does he do? He basically attacked me trying to go under my top and kissing me. I was floored! I jumped out of the car and told him goodbye. This never happened to me before and I didn't know whether to run away or be angry and slap him. Being the calm problem solver that I am, I told him I had to go calmly and left his car. As I'm starting up my car, he opens my door and almost squeezes himself into my car. I literally had to push him out and drive away.

Hey Zach, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner that that was a major turn off. I don't think most girls like to get attacked even if they're attracted to you. It wasn't exciting, it was scary. So please, please stop calling me. It's been over three months! Don't you get it? I'm not returning your 20 phone calls and texts and emails. Take the hint. Thanks.
Current Mood: scared

30th September 2006

abc_dating8:20am: Dating Through the Alphabet
Some of my friends tell me that they live vicariously through me. Some of them tell me to please be careful. Others just find my dating life entertaining and funny as hell.
Trust me, I've got some stories to tell.
So basically, I've started dating guys, ok let me rephrase that, dating lots of guys for the past few months. Doesn't matter how or where I've met them, that's not the point. So I'm reliving some of my dating experiences with my friend and she comes up with this brilliant idea! She said I should blog my "dating through the alphabet" experiences. Some are good, some are bad, and some of it very funny.
Do I feel bad about writing some of this stuff? Yes and no. Yes because I'm exposing these guys and their bad manners or personalities. No because if you're a guy reading this, you may learn something from it. Maybe you'll just resent me but I'm entitled to my opinions and who I share them with. Also, I'm going to change the names of these boys just in case, but their first letter of their first name will stay the same since this is called "Dating Through the Alphabet".
So here goes my attempt in trying to not only entertain and maybe enlighten some people, but also trying to make sense of my own dating life.
Current Mood: amused

29th September 2006

becky_jo2:02pm: Hello
It may sound very shallow, but the two things I worry most about at the moment are my physical appearance and the guy who might be my boyfriend, things are not so clear on that front. So that's what I am writing about in my blog and of course I am always thankful for advice, that's my reason for joining this community :)

28th September 2006

koala_kiddo2:22am: So college is pretty good, But I am so tempted to cut, there are sharp tbings all around me and the work is hard, but most of all I just miss it, I've been cut free for six months but I miss it terribly. My family is in such a point right now, Two of my uncles have cancer, on has a tumor on his pancreas the other has lukemia. My little brother is not getting any better, He has minor Autism and Siezures, My older brother is going ot Iraq at the end of ocgtober and I am stuck here looking at shiny metal objects. Man it would feel so good right now. My ocd is stagnant, I can't stop touching things muliple times and counting, It can take me two hours to get to sleep because of it. Man a slice would be so good right now. or two. or three.

So how are you all?

23rd September 2006

michy893:34am: And by the way does my life sucks it more than sucks , I finish school just to sit at home and be bored and broke every day. Need a job and can't find one . Life doesn't get any suckier than that aah. Just thougt I say it since that is the name of the community. Sorry I'm venting too much!
michy893:30am: Ex Grad need friends
Hi I'm technically not new to live journal since I've used it before twice two years ago so in a way I'm new and I'm looking for friends and someone to help me get around this program so if you a recent college grad with no job and looking for someone to vent with, I'm here. Or If you simply bored like I am, I'd love to be your friend too. hah. OOh I'm 23 female , if that is important.

21st September 2006

loveorhateme2111:43pm: Need some input please
Ok, so I have been with my boyfriend for 5 months now. Everything is going great except for a couple of things: he talks to alot of girls online and he looks at alot of porn. Now I'm not saying he is a pervert, and I do understand that guys like those tpye of things. But it makes me feel like I am unattractive. He has never implied that I am, actually he always tells me I am beautiful. And with the talking to girls, some of them say things like "I love you" and "I wish we were together" to him. He has only said 1 thing that really disturbed me to one girl, which was "I wish I could just leave everything here and stay with you."

I have confronted him about all of this. He said that these girls mean nothing to him, they are people he has been talking to for a long time and they always joke around with each other like that. He has promised not to do it anymore, but I dont think I believe him. There have been a few times that he has spent the night on the computer until 5 AM and told me he was talking to his brother. That might be the truth, but I just cant believe anything he says to me anymore.

I have never actually caught him with anyone, and I dont honestly think he would ever cheat. I would just like to get an outsidere input and opinion on this so that maybe I can let it go and know how to deal with it. I would really appreciate some advice about this.

26th August 2006

lostsoul80211:36pm: I'm New
Hey everyone, I am new to LJ and just joined this community. I made my first entry in my journal last night, may be a little hard to follow but it worked for me. I'm great at listening and giving advice. So, if the mood so takes you, feel free to drop a note.
xo Lost Soul

20th July 2006

hungarianflower7:30pm: Lameness.
Hi, I'm new to this community. My name is Mary-Beth and I'm 16 years old. I'm all alone and I have no one to talk to at all, but this is only because I choose to hole myself up inside the house all summer and not talk to people. I'm anti-social, and I can't seem to change this about myself. My family doesn't want to listen to my problems, and my brother is constantly tormenting me for feeling this way. I guess I'm just another teen that's depressed. I feel lame.
nikkinicole3610:47am: Hey guys, I'm starting a community that I want it to grow and become a good place to vent, talk about family, relationships. My inspiration for creating this new community is my little sister Ally. It will be open to all sorts of discussions on relationships, past relationships, family, abuse, depression, dating, sex, advice etc. and I wanted to all to feel free to join, tell others and or post comments. So if you or anyone you know is recovering from bad parenting a rough childhood, never feeling as though you belong, I think this this will be a good place to post. Please let me know if would be something you would join, etc.


19th July 2006

cassieg3:30pm: Okay I have a problem, thought it seems small compaired to some of you guys'. I really want my belly button pierced, I am 16, but my dad just won't go for it, it wouldn't even talk to me about it, I am going to get it done any ways, he dosen't know this though, and I would really like him to approve, and respect that I am chaseing after what I want, what should I do
Current Mood: indescribable

9th July 2006

ewalk2512:27pm: am i just completely crazy
hello i new here. so i guess i have kind of a dumb question.ok here goes what do all think about realationships with people who have drug problems.i have found out my boyfriend is doing heroin he was arrested and put in a rehab.he was then kicked out for using drugs while in the freaking rehab not heroin not that it really matters.he is now giong to jail.the part that is hard and i know it sounds dumb i cant beleve i'm even saying this but hes a really nice guy.we have been together for five years two of which we lived together.should i just give up on him.i never thought i would have to deal with something like this.i myself have issues which he does not know about (eating disorder)i know its not the same but i feel like kind of a hypercite when i myself have not been honest with my problems.boy what a couple.
Current Mood: confused
sunnybenson11:42pm: hey um yeah i'm new here as well...i guess i've come here because i'm not sure where else to go and ive given up on hearing the same advice from the same people in my life. Honestly i'm not sure what i'm doing anymore. I can't keep track of who i am. I've known for so long that i've been getting dragged down in things but i still don't know what is making me like this. Regardless of how close i am to anyone i still feel alone. It scares me to think how much ive changed in the matter of a year. I've gone from being a pretty reserved teenager that was relatively normal to a person that's a lot more confident in how i appear to others, however on the inside im more self conscious than ever, and i find myself doing stupid things like cutting my wrists, drinking excessively and smoking. But it doesn't seem to be out of the ordinary anymore. Anyone who knew me a couple of years ago would have never expected me to be going down this path. I was always the sensible one...I just keep getting stuck deeper into this and things are only progressively getting worse. The only thing keeping me going is a couple of people in my life, but if anything were to happen to any one of them i would be gone as well...but right now it feels like even they are so far away.

honestly im not sure what im asking for by posting this? I just don't know where to turn to anymore, i just want to know if there is anyone else here in the same sort of position? Or has anything to say?

8th July 2006

ame_ga_korobu3:02am: Arghgrrrhiss....
I hate men! *tears out hair*

They are just so damn complicated.

That's all...

7th July 2006

breaksmysiren12:27am: Sorry this is so long.
Hey, I just joined here. I recently met someone on line atone of the chat engines. At first we just talked on line and then at some point we ended up talking on the phone for about four months. He liveda little far away from me but we ended up connecting and we formed feelings for each other at one point. I ended up telling some people from where I live that I met him. I probably shouldn't have mentioned it because they went to him and aksed him certain questions about us. At first he was a little annoyed. The last time it happend he ignored me for a while and then just a few days ago told me he didn't want to speak to me anymore. I still don't know who these "people" who messaged him were though because I was never told.
Yesterday, he wrote me this long message telling me how my friends are annoying him and he thought I had become obsessed with him. His judgment by what these supposed messages he got was that I thought we were dating and that I made it seems like more than it was between us. I never mentioned him to anyone more than once. I said I met a new person and That he was cool and we liked each other. He says I escalated it in to a huge deal. This is also coming from the man that said he wants to be with me and how he wanted to have me come to where he is. Now all of sudden he wants nothing to do with me. I feel really bad that it ended this way but I am kinda wondering if I should try and apologize or just let it go?
Current Mood: confused

27th June 2006

shebele2:15am: please answer :( sorry it's long, I suck at writing
Hello, I'm new.

And here's my problem.

I should better start from the beginning - so I met this lovely boy who was a friend of one of my new friends. Finally some decent people who I like!

Ok, better skip the whole sweet beginning and jump right to the even-sweeter part. A young couple as we were,- he was cute, I was cute, his friends liked me, everyone said we were pretty together, blah blah blah. It was obvious he had a thing for me. And vice versa! Always smiling when the other is around and acting silly and stuff like that.

We've been together for a month.
Two days ago we had a huge party with our friends where we both got so drunk like we've never been when together. For the first time we didn't pay much attention to one another, I was dancing with one girl, he was chatting with his friend. I finally get home and go to sleep, with life still being all pretty and sunny.

I wake up and wow. On this myspace-ish kinda website, - where couples can define each other by putting the other's profile name next to a heart in their profile - He had took me off from his profile. I was like WHAT. What happened? Ok, I had left him at that party without saying a proper goodbye, but what could have happened during this one night?

I called him, he was all shy and said that he'll talk about it later. Okaay. My hangovered head tries to produce any logical thought but gives up and I start crying. I send him a text message asking to tell me right now. He answers that he doesn't even know it himself, that he's confused, I didn't do anything wrong, drinking isn't good, it was random.

Me got even more puzzled. :( Later he got online and we IMed. I got to know that he had started to feel like he has an obligation or smth, and he just generally wants to be more..free. Ummmmmm... I definitely hadn't acted like some crazy chick in eternal love or whatever. I am a very down to earth person. I was even shy around him.

Anyway. Now he talks stuff like you never truly appreciate something until it's gone and that he loved being with me and it was simply great and would still be. (Although he once mentioned that it would be (great), but for how long? That just left me VERY confused so I sort of ignored it in my head. It you know what it means then say smt.)

What is wrong?

WHAT DOES HE REALLY WANT? Is he screwing with me? Some kind of a neat way to say that I got boring? Do you believe him? Should I believe him? Should I tell him to go to hell, be in heartache for a few months and then move on still thinking about him?

6th June 2006

lady_bluewwater1:14pm: Crying in a bucket.
This is just what I feel. Like doing. nothing hurts worse.
aicaca3:25pm: Lately I've been spending alot of time thinking about how I could make the world a better place, then do nothing about it. Honestly, is it just me, or is America losing its moral value more every day? We are being so desensitized to where everything is "normal". Remember the good days when the movies were family oriented and there were always life lessons behind the stories? When now, the majority of the conflicts are always based on drugs & violence. And a movie is no good without at least one sex scene. Didn't sex used to be a private, passionate thing? Looking at the small picture, it seems to be no big deal. But do any of you ever think of what it could eventually lead to? Murders, suicide, violence. Girls being raped. Girls giving themselves away to boys who say they love them. Girls giving themselves away to men. Grown, nasty, men. Some just to have the attention they never got. Some come from bad homes. I'm sorry if I offend anyone while speaking my mind but my heart goes out to these people. What about drugs? Has our world become so lazy and weak that some people depend on drugs soley to escape reality? True, there are some who do drugs responsibly, but it would be impractical to say that most drug users are responsible, taking care of themselves, and living a sucsessful life. Anger, lust, jealousy, pride, fear, hurt, depression, suicide, drugs, alcohol, stress, anxiety, its all just "normal". And as we let it happen, America, "the land of the free", will continually sink farther and farther into misery. Girls, look into the future. If you think that you arent safe to be alone today, if you think that they way girls today are treated is wrong,look into the future. Most of you plan on having kids. Do you think that by the way things are going now, they will be better when you're raising your little girl or boy? Absolutely not. Does anyone understand where I'm getting with this?

Sorry, I may be venting. But this is reality. And someone needs to face it.

all of the problems that you have can be fixed. Anyone who is depressed, anyone who is sad, or lonely, or feels unwanted, or feels lost, without a purpose, or suicidal. TODAY you can find your purpose. I have spent a lot of time these last couple of years trying to find my place in life, and nothing has satisfied me and made me feel complete except for one thing: Having a real and practical relationship with God.
Forget all of those people who judge you, they are wrong. They are wrong because everyone has committed the same sins. Do not pay attention to those hypocrites, they were once living in the same sins as they condemn others for.
God sent His son, Jesus Christ to die for your sins. Jesus also conquered death and conquered sin by coming back to life three days later. If you've ever sinned (that means one bad thing, even one lie), that means you are seperated from God and cannot go to Heaven.
But, if you accept Jesus' sacrifice and ask Him to forgive you of your sins, you are made alive in Christ and are a new creature, and the Spirit of God will live in your heart.
Wherever the Spirit of God is, there is freedom and peace.
This freedom and peace sets you free from depression, sadness, guilt, addiction, and anything else that you are dealing with.
God's presence in your life fills you with hope.
You can recieve this hope today.
You can recieve this peace today.
You can recieve happiness and the Joy of the Lord today.

4th June 2006

superuke1:38am: First post
Well, I realize that my problem probably isn't as big as other people's here, but I really need advice and can't think of anyone else to turn to. I've been very depressed and sad lately when I'm usually not.

A girl at my school, who I used to consider a friend, turned her back on me. She always acted nice to me at school, and I thought I actually had found a friend. I'm horrible at meeting new people, as I am very shy, self concious and not very outgoing. I usually don't talk to people unless they talk to me first.

This girl started saying very mean things about me, and calling me a bitch, hypocrite, selfish, liar.. the list goes on. I don't remember doing any of these things, or anything that would make her think this but she insists that I'm rude to her when I really try to be nice and please her, along with everyone. She never gives examples of how I'm 'rude' and 'mean' so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

She apologized, but then went right back to saying the mean things and even saying things to her friends about me behind my back.

This is really hurting me. I don't know what else to do. I don't like being hated by other people, it's a horrible feeling. I've been really depressed and alone lately, because she was one of my two only friends at school. If anyone can help me, even just a little bit of advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Please.

1st June 2006

me_i_you6:46pm: K well...I have a bit of a problem. I really like this guy and I think he likes me too. My sister asked him without me around and she said that he said yes he did but I am not super sure if he was just trying to get her away or what. But anyway, he would flirt and stuff when we would talk online, and stare at me in second period, but lately it feels like he is avoiding me. why do you think that he would be doing this? The other thing is, when I logged onto my MSN, me immediatley got off. I don't know what to think. I would have asked my sister but I felt weird about it. And it would proably be all over my school by the next day so I am saying this to you. Who every YOU might be.
Current Mood: curious
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