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Hello, Internet. Let us introduce ourselves.

We are two people. We are currently residing in a bunker in rural Alaska. It's cold, but we have blankets, and we have hope. We've had a lot of time to think in this bunker, and have come to the conclusion that the world needs help. And since we're in this bunker for the long haul, we've decided that the best way to pass the time is to reach out to mankind.

There are a lot of big problems in the world - the economy, war, racism, AIDS, the list goes on. Although we can't deny that these problems need to be addressed, we feel like people's day-to-day problems are taking a back seat to these issues. This is where we come in.

If your problem seems insignificant when you compare it to the aforementioned global issues, you're in luck! That's exactly the kind of problems we specialize in. We've given advice on problems ranging from conflict in sexual orientation to boredom to financial worries to deep-rooted issues with parents.

In order to maximize your comfort, we provide advice in a setting where you maintain complete anonymity. This means we don't need you name, age, or gender (unless it's pertinent to your problem), and we don't log IP addresses. So go ahead, we're waiting to help you. You can post your problem here on livejournal (anonymously if you prefer) or contact us @ Additionally, you might bump into us on (office hours are listed on our formspring site). We can also be contacted on, where you can arrange a time to talk to us in real time. We look forward to helping you out soon!

Love, hope, and blankets,
S & L

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