Kayla (accentsarehot) wrote in advice_chic,

Lack of sex drive?

So I have this issue and it didn't matter for the longest time but now it's driving me absolutely insane!

For starters, I've never been a very sexual person. I dunno why, I just haven't. In fact, I just turned 20 on the 27th and I'm actually still a virigin. Go me? haha anyway, for the longest time, I wasn't even remotely interested in sex. It was just like...not appealing or anything, ya know? My sis & friends say my lack of interest is because I haven't done it yet, but that really doesn't make sense to me, lol.

We jump to last summer and there was one guy I would've let have his way with me in a milisecond, but he never expressed interest and nothing ever happened and honestly, it's better that way, cause in the end he wasn't as good of a person as I thought.

Now back to current times, I have the most amazing boyfriend anyone could ask for. I'm still a virigin. I'm pretty positive I'm losing it to him. Hell, I'm pretty positive I'm gonna end up marrying him, but that's a whole nother story!

The problem is, even though I trust him, I know he wouldn't hurt me, etc... I still just...don't see it happening. I'm still not seeing the appeal of sex. But all that is driving me crazy cause I have this amazing person in my life and I want to give that to him, but the appeal isn't there.

I know one factor is the fact that I'm still not completely comfortable with being naked in front of other people. And I dunno how to get over that. I also thing the other thing might be I just have some incredibley low sex drive. But how do you work with that?!
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