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Jesse James

Ok, so I made up that name; but as you know, the initials are the same and I just couldn't give him one first name when he had two (first and middle) and I just loved his name.
You know when you're just drawn to a person just by their name? Well I do. Didn't want to call him JJ like everyone else, I had to call him his whole first two names.

So we meet up for dinner on Wednesday. We first spoke on Tuesday and the only day I had available was Wednesday and he was going on a trip that coming weekend for two weeks.
Very casual. Had a pretty good time at dinner and had a few drinks.
Now, I like to think and I pretty much know what a person is like within the first impression. I got a pretty good vibe. I don't really wanna go into detail why but his background with his family told me that this was a good guy. Our conversations that night went from some serious stuff, to past things, to extremely funny topics. At the end of the night, duh I got a kiss. =)
It was really cute. He walked me to my car and I was telling him about the holiday party I was going to have at my place and my friend is bringing mistletoe but it was going to be all girls. He said,"Well here's a kiss from a boy." Cute right?

Thursday night is my happy hour night. My friends and I are out at local bars drinking. On a whim I text messaged Jesse James even though I knew that he was out bowling or something. I said, "So are you going to bowl all night or come over here?". He called me within 5 minutes and asked if I was serious. He had been drinking at his company holiday party and also when he went bowling. He was about 40 minutes away. He said, "If I come there, I'm not driving back. It's too far and I'm sort of drunk". I didn't know what else to say since I was sort of being cornered, but what the hell, I was almost drunk and I didn't really think about what would happen later.
He showed up within an hour and met all of my friends. We drank some more and just totally acted like a couple. He was all for PDA (public displays of affection) and I didn't really know if I liked that since we had just met yesterday. But I thought it was really cute because he said, "Well, all the guys at this bar now knows that I'm here with you so they can't make any moves on you". haha. I guess it was a bit posessive, but I thought it was cute. So all night we're making out at the bar, outside, in the car, etc.
We drive to my apartment and well, more fun stuff happens. Use your imagination. haha
We both have work in the morning, so he leaves and says, "Well you definately gave me something to think about while I'm away for two weeks."

For the next two weeks, which included Christmas and New Years, we had been text messaging each other and calling. I couldn't wait until he got back.
Finally, he came back and we were talking about maybe getting together at the end of the week. He goes to school and passes by my town's exit on the way and back, so he was going to come over the night before and then go to class.
The night before he came over, I had text messaged and asked when he was coming over. I got nothing. I got nothing the next day, so I made other plans. I really did not have time to be playing whatever he was doing so my friends and I went out to dinner and then for drinks. After all, it was Friday and we always go out on Fridays.
Later that night, I finally get a text message saying that he had been at work until that time, there's no signals where he works, and that we would talk later. I got home later that night and saw that he had also left me messages on my instant messenger.
He said that work was really rough this week and something happened with fixing up his house. I decided to forgive him and invited him over after class the next day since he would be passing by my town anyways. I get a message way later saying that he had already gone home by the time he got my message and that he had promised his friend that they would watch football together.
At this point, after being turned down twice, I decided I was just going to wait for him to initiate anything.
A week later, I got weak and called and text messaged him to see what he was doing in my drunk state. I pretty much got no response. All I could do was wonder what had happened.

Another week later, he instant messages me and says, "I really wanted to tell you before, but you had been out and your away messages sounded sad and I didn't know if it was about me or what so I didn't email you. I decided to get back together with my ex and try to work things out and I didn't want to keep leading you on. I hope we can stay friends. If you don't want to, I understand. I'm sorry I didn't want to hurt you. I know this happened to you before so I didn't know how to tell you."

Well damn. How else would you let me know then? Gotta let me know asap dumbass. And no the away messages were not about you. So I said, "Don't be ridiculous. Thanks for telling me. Good luck."
I guess he felt guilty because then he said, "I'm a good person and I just wanted to do the right thing."
I'm telling you, if one more guy I'm "dating" goes back to his ex, I'm gonna become a nun. haha.
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