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I'm new here so I might as well intro myself.
I'm Ashley. I'm 17. I have my good days, and I have my bad days. I sort of get easily pissed off...especially if you catch me on one of my bad days. Sometimes I think I'm bipolar, but my parents tell me theres nothing wrong with me. I hope their right...
I have a man that I basically love... we've pretty much known eachother all our lives, but we didn't see eachother for a longggg time. When we finally saw eachother we were completely blown away, and now we talk. We like eachother...we've both admitted to it, but the only thing thats wrong with that is the MAJORRR age difference...well ok...not so MAJORRR...just 9 years... and he doesn't even look that old. He's the greatest guy I've met, and I want him more than anything. Too bad the age thing is keeping us apart...I'm only 17...We can't be together...It makes me want to die...but he DOES thats a good thing.
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