Fallington (fallingmoonstar) wrote in advice_chic,

Patheic ain't it?

I find myself patheic that the only time I ever felt really happy is being with my sister. Even though, she would always try to start a fight with me. Verbally or physically and sometimes both. She would always ditch me to be with her so-called "friends". Even when she said terriable things to me ("You're so stupid, you got yourself rape." I still remembered that..) yet I could never stand being alone without her. I hated being alone. I hated it. I know I have my mother, my grandmother, and my brothers. But I love my sister very dearly. Couple months ago, she was in rehab. I thought within those couple of months, she'll change. But when she came back yesterday, she didn't. She was the same. No matter if my sister is here or not, I'll still be lonely. I know I should try to focus on my life without her, but I just can't.
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