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I need help!!

My boyfriend got fired and since his co-worker got fired for the same exact thing and got unemployment, my bf thought he would receive the same.  Fired for indirectly blogging about the company on Facebook, who knew?  Well, he didn't get unemployment :(

He hasn't been able to provide money since November 8th, 2009.  Since September we have been planning to move to a more affordable state.  We priced everything out and started putting the money away. We have a few friends who live out there and we received a move-in special to our top choice apartment for $99, with a monthly rent of only $650.  Right now we are paying $1,280/month and CA has one of the highest unemployment rates.  My boyfriend and I want to be able to own a house rather than rent a condo/apt, we want to have kids, we want to surround ourselves with nicer people who aren't so concerned about vanity.  CA has become so impractical.

My boyfriend feels incredibly emasculated and I know that he will provide in the near future.  He is such a great intelligent person.  My mom has her doubts about our decision and of course doesn't want to see her only child move away.  I feel like she's turning the family against me too.  I'm dealing with such stress and I'm not sure what our best course of action is at this moment.  

I was thinking about putting in my 30 days very soon at the $1,280/month apt, not at work.  I would still be here in CA for my work bonus (around $1,000) until my bf is securely in a job in the new state; I would be staying with my mom and commuting 30 minutes to work.  He would be driving a U-haul with my car attached (he's covered by my insurance), the drive is approximately 20 hours, apt would be ready on February 2nd.  Downside is that I would have to rent a car in the meantime, perhaps up to a month.  When you think about it though, renting a car doesn't sound as bad as having to drive my car there by myself for 20 hours or having to keep everything in storage until the time is right.  Any further suggestions?
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