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Single & Hating It

My boyfriend got back together with his ex. But he didn't even plan on telling me yet because he didn't know how. I found out from his best friend. Chris (my ex's best friend) was nice about it and said he hated to bring bad news, but he thought I deserved to know. I think Richard (the ex) should have told me himself, but I think Chris was in the right. He knew what was going on, he knew Richard probably wasn't going to tell me, he felt I deserved to know, and he told me. It's definitely better than I found out now rather than later because that could have really been a disaster.

I don't understand what's so hard about telling the truth, rather than just what you think a person wants to hear. Why can't people just be honest and straight up to begin with so there isn't stupid petty drama later?

And I'm one of those people who really hates being single. I just always feel better/happier when I'm with someone. So being single is like....one of the worst things ever.

I'm kinda starting to wonder if it's possible to keep a relationship going. None of mine have really made it past 2 months.

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