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I totally forgot where I left off last time, so non of them are in order and I can only report what I can remember...

So I thought this one was going pretty well:
- we dated for a few weeks
- saw each other about 2 times a week
- spent a weekend together (supposed to be one night, turned into 3)
- met his friends and roommates
- made dinner for each other
Ya know, regular couple stuff. I was actually excited to enter the next phase aside from one nights and very very short relationships. One weekend, he went to visit some family and I got the strangest feeling... Came back and worked something out so I could go to his place and stay overnight since I didn't have work until noon the next day. Since I hadn't seen him for about a week, I was really excited and went there asap after work. Got there a little early so I killed some time by shopping for a bit and then met him for dinner.
On my way down, I swear to you, I had this weird scenario in my head and he told me that we couldn't see each other anymore. I shook it off because hello that was crazy. Everything was going so well.
So after dinner, he says, "I have to have a difficult conversation with you now". I said, "No we don't... I don't want to..."
It turns out over the weekend, his ex had texted him and wanted to get back together. This is the ex who was extremely jealous and manipulative according to him and absolutely did not like that about her. She was a super drama queen and had accused him of sleeping with every girl he looks at.
He said I wasn't jealous enough. What?!? Because of that, he didn't really feel wanted like he did with his ex. WTF?? Well it's a damn good thing that it only lasted 4 weeks. Took me exactly 4 days to get over him.
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